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What is Made In USA Industries?

Made in USA Industries is an association powered by a certification company to bring awareness to the movement. ” Buy American / Made in USA ” We believe in supporting our economy and bringing jobs back to the United States.

Our Seals :

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Made in USA :

•    Finished good is manufactured, all assembly and associated labor, performed exclusively and in its entirety within the physical parameters of United States (US) or Territories;

•    Portion of, or all of, the base raw materials, ingredients, chemicals, etc. directly used in the manufacturing of the finished product are sourced from the US/Territories;

•    Portion of, or all of, the raw materials, ingredients, chemicals, etc. used to make the components parts found in the finished product are sourced from the US/Territories;

•    Any imported content material, raw ingredient and/or component part is evaluated using a cost analysis basis. Total Manufacturing costs per product unit are used to calculate this and are inclusive of costs pertaining to direct components, labor and overhead. Any content materials not sourced from US are deemed imported, despite it they are non-indigenous to US/Territories;

•    A product’s domestic content is performed against backdrop of “what the product is”. Instances wherein product itself is composed of mostly the imported material, which is not substantially transformed into a different article in the US/Territories, it will not qualify, despite a low percentage of imported content based on a cost analysis. Example Candle made in USA plant from imported wax with domestic wick. Cost of domestic wick and labor greater than imported wax. Yet, product not qualify, essence of the product is a wax candle, which is comprised of all imported wax, which is simply heated up & molded;

•    Product containing imported material, imported material retain its status as foreign content;

•    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Standards do not apply to FTC. CBP applies to Country of Origin Markings of imported and exported goods. CBP allows “substantial transformation” of imported raw materials in a finished product. FTC does not and Country of Origin of each raw material used to make a product and its component parts retains its foreign status.


Product of USA :

How It Works

Supply chain verification with our experienced review team.

What You Get

Seal of Certification on your product and website

Your product in our database and accessible via mobile application for consumers.

Collaboration to market your certified products

Future Incentives

Traceability and consumer transparency initiative

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Service in USA:


USA Labor Force Manufacturing Plant:

We are proud to announce the new USA Labor Force Manufacturing Plant Certified® Seal. We want to help businesses promote their contribution to the economy if they create jobs by manufacturing products in the United States.